Download WAPro v2.90 Extended Latest Version Full Anti Ban WhatsApp Mod App By WassemSy

              What is WAPro ?         
A material designed mod of official WhatsApp, that provides many of features including: privacy mods, changing styles, & many more!
Developed By : #WassemSy

        WAPro Changelog :- v2.90          
Based on 2.19.216. 


Extend the validity of the version.

Ability to swipe from left to right to close the conversation.

Added option to disable right-to-left swiping to close the conversation.

Add VPN mode to unblock WhatsApp from some countries.

App icons now support Android 9.

Fix crash problems in some devices.

Fix WAPro2 version problems.

Other Fixes

        WAPro Changelog :- v2.70          
Based on 2.19.216. 
Enabled fingerprint lock & all hidden features. 
• Added option to hide "forwarded" when forward a message. 
• Added option to show toast when anyone views your story. 
• Added option to create WAPro shortcut with changing the 
• Improved lock UI (Pattern & PIN) + General improvements. 
• Fixed the crush in the chat screen on some devices. 
• Supported Azerbaijani.

           WAPro Changelog :- v2.70      
More Anti-Ban "Plz Read The Notes in My Website". 
• Increase The Expiry Limit 2 Months More. 
• Added "WAPro Upgrade Message". 
• Added 9 New Icons to WAPro. 
• Supported German & Portuguese. 
• Fix The Option "Open WhatsApp.log". 
• Fix The Option "Change WAPro Language". 
• Fix The Option "Remove the Last Emoji Used". 
• Fix The Option "Change the Notifications Icon". 
• Fix The Option "Reset Privacy Options to Default".
          WAPro Changelog :- v2.60                 
Official Release of WhatsApp Pro. 
• Based on v2.19.34. 
AntiBan 100% , In addition to support fully Android 8 & 9. 
• To avoid sudden crashes, some features of the previous version have been deleted. 
• Added an option to lock the program via the "Pattern" style. 
• Added an option to turn off the Internet for the program "in the main interface". 
• Added an option to change the color of the story to any color "background+text". 
• Added an option to open multiple chats together "Move through the Recent button".
• Added an option to hide the stories "modern+unimportant+viewed". 
• Added an option to prevent deleting the message "You can read the deleted message". 
• Added an option to prevent deleting the status "You can view the deleted status". 
• Added an option to automatically unlock the keyboard when entering a conversation.
• Added an option to hide the message counter signal on the main icon. 
• Added an option to change the main interface style to the old interface. 
• Added an option to disable pop-up notifications "Android 5 & above". 
• Added an option to show full long messages without reading more.
• Added an option to hide the conference call icon in the group. 
• Added an option to change the conversation style in the main interface. 
• Added many settings group to customize the Options menu. 
• Added an option to hide the contact call icon from the top bar. 
• Added an option to change story interface style. 
• Added an option to send images with original accuracy. 
• Added an option to apply black background to Pro settings. 
• Added an option to send story as high as possible. 
• Added an option not to allow sensors to stop voice messages. 
• Added an option to increase the maximum volume of the audio clip to 100 MB. 
• Adjust an "raise the maximum video size" option to 135 MB instead of 72 MB. 
• Improved "put your name & number in the top bar of the main screen" option. 
• Improved changelog codes to support many language. 
• Fix the option "check for update". 
• Other fixes.

           Download Link Below           

Version: 2.90 - Base: 2.19.216

Package Name: com.whatsapp(UnClone) 
(Replace With your Official WhatsApp)
First Uninstall Your WhatsApp 

Package Name .com.Wapro2(Clone)