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Learn Python Programming OFFLINE. Complete Python Master Guide 2020.
You can Learn
Python 3
Python Interview Question
Python Terms and Glossry

Advantages and Disadvantages






Python Artifacial Intelligence
Machine Learning with Python

Python Block Chain
Python Deep Learning
Python PyCharm


and much more.
If You are a new developer and thinking of learning Python Programming or starting python Programming then this app is going to be your best friend or if you are already a Python Developer then this app will be a great pocket reference guide for your day to day python Programming so you can become a better python developer.

Professionally, Python is great for backend web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing. Many developers have also used Python to build productivity tools, games, and desktop apps.

This app contains all the major topics of Python Programming with Excellent Code Examples. With its beautiful UI and easy to follow steps you can learn Python within a few days. We are constantly updating this app with every new major Python release and adding more code snippets and examples.

Topics Included in this App

1- Python Introduction
2- Python Features
3- Python History
4- Python Applications
5- Python Install
6- Python Path
7- Python Example
8- Execute Python
9- Python Variables
10- Python Keywords
11- Python Literals
12- Python Operators
13- Python Comments
14- Control Statement
15- Python If else
16- Python for loop
17- Python while loop
18- Python break
19- Python continue
20- Python pass
21- Python Strings
22- Python Lists
23- Python Tuples
24- Python Tuples
25- Python Dictionary
26- Python Dictionary
27- Python Functions
28- Python Functions
29- Python Files I/O
30- Python Modules
31- Python Exceptions
32- Python Exceptions
33- Python Date

Python OOPs

34- Python OOPs Concepts
35- Python Object Class
36- Python Constructors
37- Python Inheritance

Python MySQL

38- Python Environment Setup
39- Python Database Connection
40- Python Creating a New Database
41- Python Creating Tables
42- Python Insert Operations
43- Python Read Operation
44- Python Update Operation
45- Python Join Operation
46- Python Performing Transaction

Python Tkinter

47- Python Tkinter
48- Python Button Canvas
49- Python Check Button
50- Python Entry
51- Python Frame
52- Python Label
53- Python List Box
54- Python Menu Button
55- Python Menu Message
56- Python Radio Button
57- Python Scale
58- Python Scroll Bar
59- Python Text
60- Python Top Level
61- Python Spin Box
62- Python Paned Window
63- Python Label Frame
64- Python Message Box

Learn Django Topics

Django Basic
Django Overview
Django Environment
Django Creating a Project
Django Apps Lifecycle
Django Admin Interface
Django Creating View
Django Url Mapping
Django Template System
Django Models
Django Page Redirection
Django Generic View
Django Form Processing
Django File Uploading
Django Apache Setup
Django Cookies Handling
Django Sessions
Django Caching

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