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What's New 

⚫    Added, Widget

   ⚫  Added, custom MAC separator

 ⚫    Added, Wake On Lan option

🔸     Search Engine Improvements

  🔸  Design improvements, dark theme

 🔹    Added, find router default password

 🔷 Added, change device name, icon

    🔹 Added, tutorial how to block device

  ⚫  Compatible with Android 10

 ⚫    Update libraries ⚫

🔷    Bugs fixed 🔷

          About This App.         

View all devices on the wifi network

Using this application you can scan wifi network and see how many people or device connected


• Scans all wifi network devices in seconds

• Gives you ip, mac, mask, dns of that device

• Vendor address database to find which vendor's device is connected

• One-Click quick re-scan

• Order by name, ip, mac

• Share or copy device information

• Adjust scan timeout

screenshot :- 


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