Download YoWhatsApp+ Plus V8 Latest Version Gold Edition Mod By Omvir Sheoran(OM7753) 

What's New In YoWhatsApp+

Yowa+ v8 (Gold Edition)

1. Auto reply (do not use professionally)

2. Message schduler (do not use professionally)

3. Admin caption for group chat

4. View messgaes sent by you and participants

5. Disable read more for long messages

6. Profile pic change toast

7. Status view toast

8. Online toast issue fixed for yowa

9. Fab background fixed for yowa 8

10. Hide archived chat

11. Hide muted, viewed, recent status

12. Row resizer back for yowa v8

13. Save profile pic option is back again

14. Disable opening hidden chats clicking 'Whatsapp'

15. Time and position of toast for online and status toast

16. Seen and unseen status color change

17. Mention mark for group mentioning

18. Hide motification for contact group or all

19. All features of yowa8 by YoBasha

20. Many more to discover

1. Broadcast messages to group

2. Status view toast Option :- 2.3.7

3. Disable opening hidden chats clicking whatsapp :- 2.3.12

4. Disable notification for contacts and group :- 2.3.11

5. Background and text color for online toast -:- 2.1.13 & 2.1.14

6. Admin caption for group chatting  :- 3.3.7

7.dont show read more for long messages :- 3.3.6

YOWA+ 'Redesigned'


* Added mention mark for group mentioning

 [Exclusive] Message Scheduler

• [Exclusive] DND Mod

• [Exclusive] Auto Reply.

* Added stories to home screen ( 2.2.1) restart needed

* Added thumbnail border (2.2.6)

* Added color change for seen and unseen statuses(2.1.14 & 15)

* Added color change for stories background (2.1.13)

* Added color change option for thumbnail border(2.1.6)

*Added options to see group msg sent by You and all participants

*Added option to see revoked msgs any time (option under custom privacy in contact info card.. some issues will be solved soon)

*fixed scheduling msgs for broadcasts

*fixed scheduling msgs and auto reply for archieved groups

*hide profile pic in header moved to 2.2.4.

*Hided dnd icon moved to 2.2.5

• [Added] More Anti-BAN.

• [Fixed] Not enough space message

• [Fixed] Recording Crash

• [Fixed] com.yowa cannot add custom stickers

• [Fixed] Deleted message icon not showing

• [Fixed] White theme Icons in Voice/Video Call

• [Fixed] Google Play Service error message on registration

• [Base Update] Base Update 2.19.150

• [Exclusive] Anti-BAN.

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>> YoWhatsApp + --> (com.Yowhatsapp)

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