Hello  Everyone Tanay Here. Today i will tell you about some tools and hacking labs useful for hacking practice.

If you are using linux os like BT5, parrot etc it is best but if you are using windows operating system then you have to download and install some software's. Some of them are described below:

  1. Nmap - This is network mapper used to scan networks, IP, open and closed ports. It can also be used as vulnerability scanner.
  2. Burp Suite - This is proxy interpreter used to interpret and check vulnerabilities of website & web applications
  3. Metasploit - This is one of the most important exploiting tools uses by hackers.
  4. Hydra - This is a password cracking tool avaiable in both command line and graphical user interface
  5. Aircrack-ng - This is a wifi hacking tools.
  6. Wireshark - Wireshark is the world's foremost and widely-used network protocol analyzer

                                                   Lab For Hacking Practice
It is not possible for everyone to setup their Lab with 6-7 physical computers. So to solve this problem we use virtualization technology. You can use VMware player or virtual box and can create different target virtual machine like, linux windows, android, server etc. There are several others ready to use labs like: metasploitable, DVWA, Webgoat, pentester lab etc.

Note* You should hack anything illegally
Always work and practice under guidance and supervision of instructor or senior.

good luck
  Keep Hacking