HOW TO: Get Most out of your data plan!



Today RitZ  back with another blog post but before we get started

I want to say that its NOT a tutorial ,

its just a blog post to help ya all!

So as the name suggest ,

“Get Most out of your data plan”

we will be discussing about a really good Android application Opera Max

which can help you to get the every single drop of juice out of your data plan.

Opera Max : A True Game Changer.

Features of Opera Max :
Saves your data and extends your Data Plan.

Block/Disables other apps to save data.

Compresses Webpages & Media content to save even higher.

Protects your privacy when you use it at Public Wi-Fi.

First of all you need to download and install the Opera Max from the link below.

For the first app launch it will take a few moments to initialize because it will Register your Device ID to its server.

Then You need to proceed in to the main app screen.

Opera Max will ask for VPN Connection,

don’t worry your private data won’t be shared –

Opera Max only compresses unencrypted contents that means
           your WhatsApp Conversation and bank accounts transection wont be interfered.

Allow it and it may ask for Usage Access for Android 5.0+ devices,

just grant it too.

Now for main part.

Open Opera Max,      

      Hit the drawer button and go the App Management Tab.

          There You should Block all the apps in Mobile Access & Wi-Fi Access.

Now carefully choose apps which you to allow to be connected to Internet.

        CoolTip : I usually block all Google Applications because Google always

               begs for app updates and eats alot of data in the background.

           Now that you have,

   do the same for WI-FI also.

       Now without worrying you can use Internet.

Here’s the list of Data Saving I got on my devices ⤵:

YoWA / GBWA :- Whats App is now end-to-end encrypted,
       but many of us are using modified client of WhatsApp in which we have the theme store option.

The theme store isn’t end-to-end encrypted,

so while surfing themes you can save alot of data.

        For me it was 30% approx.

OGInsta+ / Instagram :- Instagram is loaded with photos,

                 But they are not encrypted – by the time Facebook adds

        encryption to Instagram use it with Opera Max and save upto 55% of data!
          That means If you load 10 images for 12 MBs,

          you can load 15 Images for the same data consumption.

Stock Web Browser :- First of all I don’t use stock web browser,

       But most of our readers are so you can easily save like 30-40%
              while surfing on your pre-installed web browsers.

YouTube :- Beside being a tech geek,

         I also enjoy watching nigahiga & Smosh because they are cool too.

           I usually get 15% data saving on streaming videos from YouTube.

Other Apps :- Opera Max also guarantees saving on other apps too like – games & music/video streaming applications,


           But I haven’t used them so I can guarantee weather if it works or not.

                     DOWNLOAD HERE

latest Update:-
     Download Opera Max and take full control of your data.

Key Features:

- Save megabytes of data while using popular apps like YouTube,

Netflix, Line, Instagram, Google Chrome, Gaana, Pandora, Slacker Radio, and more

- Monitor apps to see which ones consume the most data

- Manage your data consumption and extend your data plan

- Boost Wi-Fi speeds and save more data

- Control how much data you use while roaming

- Prevent apps from using background data

Check out the latest Opera Max

video review by Android Authority:

• Watch more videos on YouTube & Netflix

Save up to 50% of your data when watching videos on YouTube

or your favorite shows and movies on Netflix.

• Listen to more music on the go
Save up to 40% of your data on

popular music-streaming apps like

           YouTube Music, Gaana,

Saavn, Pandora, and Slacker Radio.

• Block apps & manage sneaky background data usage

           Receive smart alerts from Opera Max to control data wasted by unused apps.

Opera Max lets you selectively block apps from using background data or any kind of data.

• Manage data on all your apps
Monitor internet usage across all your apps with the data-usage timeline.

• Stay private and secure
Opera Max does not analyse or store private data.

If you want more information about how privacy works in Opera Max, check out our FAQ at


* Savings based on sampling of U.S. beta users.

      Your savings may vary.

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you acknowledge and agree to the end user license agreement at

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So Thats It Pals ,

Hope you liked my post.

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