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       Toady I post  WiFi Hacking  Working and tested Trick By me

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Wps Wpa Tester is  application to crack wps enabled wifi networks.    

To start hacking follow the steps below

1.First you need to download wps wpa tester

2.Open it and click on scan networks.
It will scan available wifi networks in your range.

You can only hack wifi networds which has green colored lock

3.Now click the wifi network you want to hack (it’s lock should be green in color)

4.A popup will open showing list of pins available to crack the wifi.

Just click on any pin and press Try to Connect (root) button

5.Wait for few seconds while it try to connect

6.Congratulations you have successfully hacked a wifi network from your mobile.

Enjoy your free Internet

Top Reasons it will fail

You are far away from the Router (Try reducing the distance to -60 and then try again)

There is Mac filter installed on the router (so just forget about hacking this router from mobile and move on)

The pin is incorrect (Try another pin)


If every thing above fails then just go to menu and click on automatic and wait 20-30 mins .

It will automatically hack the wifi and auto connect to it else it will show you password in show password

Note: Use these apps only for educational purpose.

Never Harm or do illegal things with these wifi hacking applications.

I am not responsible for you actions

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