Hacking WPS Enabled Wi-Fi by using  Reaver In Kali Linux
    Using Reaver to Crack WPS-Enabled Wireless Networks
Reaver is the penetration tester’s ultimate choice, this tool can help you crack WPA/WPA2 keys
Within a matter of hours. Reaver does not directly perform a brute force attack against the WPA/
WPA2 keys, but it performs a brute force attack against the WPS pins. The WPS pins are eight
digits in length, and as most routers use default pins, they can easily be compromised.

Step 1—Make sure that your wireless card is in the monitor mode.
Command is airmon-ng start wlan0
Step 2—Next, we would use airodump-ng to select our target we want to attack.

In this case we target the access point with ESSID PTCL-BB, and BSSID F4:3E:61:F5:FC:49.
We will copy the BSSID, since this will be the only input required for reaver to work.
Step 3—Now, we will use reaver to attack our access point. The command would be as follows:
reaver –i mon0 –b F4:3E:61:F5:FC:49 –vv

The –i parameter was used to specify the interface, which is mon0, followed by the –b parameter
used to define the bssid and –vv for the verbosity. The verbosity is set to twice, which means
that it will display each pin’s number as it’s tried against the access point.

We can tweak reaver into reducing the delay between the pins. The default delay is 1 s, but we can
reduce it to 0 by specifying a –d parameter.
reaver –i mon0 –b ≤bssid≥ –d 0
reaver –i mon0 –b ≤bssid≥ –d 0

Within  a while the WPS 8 digit Key will be displayed  at the terminals.
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