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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

GAWhatsApp V6.0.5 Latest Version 2020 WhatsApp Mod Apk By Alabidi Tech

Download GAWhatsApp V6.0.5 Latest Version Premium WhatsApp Mod App By Alabidi Tech

GAWhatsApp V6.0.5 

📌      What's New In v.6.0.5           

Add option number 2.5 to put a warning bar with some supplications
* Add option 2.11 to change the font size in the main screen
* Add option No. 3.12 to change the time and word of a converted message
* English language support * Redesigned theme screen * Fix the option to hide that you have seen the cases
* Now when activating / deactivating any option the settings will be automatically restarted
* Fix the option to show the blue saheen only after the response * Improvements to Plus settings
* Other fixes and improvements

⚪️The update is for version 2.19.360

⚪️Add option number 1.5 to prevent deletion of cases

⚪️Add option 3.11 to change the font size in chats

⚪️Added option No. 5.14 to control notifications when a new message arrives with the ability to customize it

⚪️Added Option No. 13.1 to show a notification when changing personal photos

⚪️Added option No. 13.2 to show a notification when viewing your status

⚪️Added option No. 13.3 to show who's online

⚪️Added option No. 13.4 to choose the alarm tone

⚪️Add option number 13.5 to choose where the alert appears

⚪️Add option number 13.6 to choose the alarm duration

⚪️The ability to know who made you a trigger sign or responded to you within groups with an @ sign appearing next to groups on the main screen

⚪️The ability to translate incoming and sent messages for several languages

⚪️The ability to distinguish between group messages and individual messages with the appearance of the microphone icon 📣 next to the group received message

⚪️The ability to know the deleted cases with the appearance of the 🚫 icon inside the case Note: The option to not delete cases should be enabled

⚪️Now when you click on the contact icon within the chat, you will be able to make an external phone call or WhatsApp like GB

⚪️Now when the other party deletes a message while you are in the chat a notification will be
displayed The message has been deleted Note: The option to not delete messages should be enabled

⚪️Fix hiding delete icon from deleted messages side

⚪️Fix the option to view full long messages

⚪️Fix the option to choose the video player

⚪️Other fixes


GA-WhatsApp+ --> (com.whatsapp)
( Replace With Your Official WhatsApp :- First Uninstall Your Whatsapp And Download This)पहले आपको आपका WhatsApp हटाना होगा उसके बाद इसे Download करें)

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