Download Begal WhatsApp V6.0 Latest Version Premium WhatsApp Mod App By NikkMods

"WhatsApp Beta Dark Mod v6.0 by Begal Developers"


✓ Update based v2.20.4 (beta) 

✓ New Added IG Stories for Status Contact

✓ Added Restart WhatsApp for Activated Dark Theme (stable) 

✓ Added Begal Settings in menu settings

✓ Enable Hidden Features (based of Beta) 

✓ Enable Change Light & Dark Theme (Stable) 

✓ Enable Change Transparent Theme 

✓ Enable Change Custom Theme 

✓ Enable Change Custom Color 

✓ Enable Drawer At Home Layout 

✓ Enable Privacy Features 

✓ Enable Anti Revoke Chat Status 

✓ Enable Save Status To Storage 

✓ Enable Direct Chats

✓ Bann Proof

✓ Anymore


At the beginning of the login when the popup appears "WhatsApp will not run without Google play services,

 which are not supported by your device", 

please tab screen or tab the back button. 

Thank you!


How to activate dark mode when you first log in:-

1. Download WA Beta Dark

2. Login with your number

3. Open > menu > settings > tab to Restart WhatsApp

4. Dark theme available (stable)


WA Beta Dark can backup and restore previous chats,
 with the condition that the previously used WA must be above v2.19.360.

 If you are a previous WA user under v2.19.360 chat backup and restore cannot be applied,
 due to the policy of the latest version of WhatsApp.Inc.