Download Temporary Email PRO v1.00 (MOD) latest version Premium  Apk By

Temp Mail PRO provides temporary disposable email address with in app emails view and no ads.

 Fast and Easy , modded
Forget about spam, advertising mailings, hacking and attacking robots.

Keep your real mailbox clean and secure.

Keep your primary email inbox clean. Get temporary address in one click.

Using Temp-Mail app, you can instantly generate disposable temporary email address and immediately receive emails,

       including photos or any other attachments.

Forget about revealing your real email to everyone. It causes endless spam,

advertising mailings, email hacking, and phishing attempts.

 Keep your real inbox clean and secure.

Temp Mail provides a temporary, anonymous, free, disposable email address in 10minute mail style.

This app is an advanced version of services also known as 10minutemail, disposable-mail,

fake email, guerrillamail, mailinator, getairmail,mohmal mail,

     throwawaymail, tempmail, tempail, anonymous-mail, spambox, tmail, burnermail, trashmail, 20minute email, and others.

 But much more robust and with an option to unlock unique premium features.

Why use Temp-Mail?

Hide yourself from spam

No registration is required

Generate temporary disposable email

Protect your privacy and anonymity by not allowing spam in your personal inbox

Receive multiple or single attachment(s) which can be downloaded from email


Emails are constantly being securely deleted forever

With Temp-Mail app, you can :

Generate a new email address instantly

Copy to clipboard or using QR-code

Receive emails and attachments automatically

Get push notification of new emails

Read incoming emails, including attachments

Download sources (EML), including attachments

Quickly delete and/or generate new email addresses

Access Extra features with Premium :

Custom email names

Multiple mailboxes

In-app emails view

Premium domains

Extended email storage

Premium support

No ads