Download RA WhatsApp iOS v8.15 by Ridwan Arifin latest Version Fm WhatsApp Remod App By Nikkmods

Based FM-WhatsApp 8.13(2.19.291)

What's New:

What's New in RAWhatsApp iOS v8.15 :-

Based on Fouad WhatsApp v8.12

Added an Option to Change Background Color of @ Mention

Added an Option to Change Color of Search Button

New Design of RA-Mods Settings

New Design of Contacts & Group

Extended Expiry of Mod Upto 2022

Removed Emoji Variants One Emojis & Old Emojis

Fixed New Group in Home Screen

Additional Automatically Reply to Messages.
 - Additional Time & Music Widgets (Slide Toolbar Sections)

 - New Emoji Smile Display.

 - Display of New Attachment Selector & Background Can Be Changed.

 - Starred Message Menu & WhatsApp Web Moved Dimenu Settings.

 - Photo Color Border Repair.

 - Change Photo Border Size.

 - And others

-Design Home Screen Like iOS.

-Design Icon Like iOS.

-Added Browser on Home Style Like Insta Stories.

-Added Resizer Conversations Row and Actionbar

-Added Bom Text In Conversation Screen.

-Added Hidden Bom Text, Broadcast List and New Group.

-Removed Emoji Changer FB and Android One.

MORE features Added By FM WhatsApp

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Package Name: com.WhatsApp (Unclone)

Package Name :- com.YoWhatsApp(Clone)