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WhatsApp Business is a mod of the WhatsApp Business app.

 A Privacy mod, that provides Extra  features including Privacy , DND (Do Not Disturb), changing some icons styles, app lock, conversation locks, media mods, fonts style, and many more.

    The update is for version 2.19.130

    Added an option to select part of the text

    Support changing the font for the Bulbs Extensions section

    Fix the group message counter

    Other fixes

    Record changes from an earlier version 

    The ability to know the deleted messages in the conversations by the appearance of a cross (🚫) next to the deleted messages (note: the "Prevent deletion of messages" option must be enabled)

    Added an option to show readers at the other end just after the response

    Add more privacy options

    The ability to customize privacy options for contacts or groups

    The ability to stop the Internet from the application from the main screen as before

    The ability to access viewing cases from any situation and then download them

    Enable who can add you to groups option (Settings - Account - Privacy)

    Fixing the incorrect appearance when sending some messages

    New Style for Main Screen

    Added Dark Mode

    Added Download and Copy Status

    Added Option to Select Who can Add You to Groups

    Added Option to Cut Internet of App

    Added Option to Hide Voice Call Icon

    Added Option to Hide Video Call Icon

    Added Catalog Mode

    Added Modification to three dot in Status and Calls Screen

    Enable All Hidden Features

    Fixed Text Selectable option

    Fixed change font to names of chats

    Fixed Hide Names problem in Groups

    Fixed Hide Search Icon Option

    Fixed Crash on some devices

    Other Fixes 

    • Added Option to Copy Text Status

    • Unlimited Frequently Forwarded Max Chats

    Add Option To Share Message Unlimited Number  

    • Added Option to Hide/Show Media from Gallery

    • Added Fingerprint Lock

    • Added Status Quality MOD

    • Added Save Profile

    • Added Option to Hide/Show Search Icon

    • Support Dark mode to old status screen

    • fixed hide net icon option

    • fixed hide view status

    • other fixed

    • Support kitkat devices 4.0

    • Support English

    • Added Viewed Status (Status - three dot menu - Viewed Status)

    • Added Old Status (Main Screen - three dot menu -Old Status)

    • Added Option to Enable Proximity Sensor

    • You Can sending 100 document at once

    • Unlimited Pin Chats

    • More

      • Based on  2.19.100

      • Ban proof.

      • Supports calls.

      • Zoom for profiles footage.

      • Privacy mods: Hide the “Last seen”.

      • Counter statistics for group.

      • Media preview without loading.

      • Show Online/last Seen in Main Scree
      • Increase video size sending from 16 MB to 30 MB.

      • Image sending increases from 10 pictures to 90.

      • Increase status words from 139 characters to 250.

      • Ability to proceed links on chat screen while not saving sender variety or cluster admin variety.

      • Ability to press in links on your friends status without effort.

      • The chance of identifying between traditional and broadcast messages.

      • Hide the name and the date while copying to another chat user.
      • Copy and Paste status.

      • Added more docs file support pdf, xls, txt, doc, ppt, vcard, xlsx, txt, rtf, docx, pptx ,and zip.

      screenshot :-



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