Monday, November 04, 2019

UCBrowser V12.13.5.1209 Mod Latest Version Apk Mod By Rmods65

Download Uc Browser Mod Latest Version V12.13.5.1209 Apk Mod By Rmods65

What's New In Mod Uc Browser

UC Browser V12.13.5.1209 Android hwac pf145

With a clean homepage

 Download from YouTube for permission

 Google search without Yandex:

   🔶   Graphics standard.

🔷  Homemade as in the original With the button "Under the screen / Zoom"

 🔶 UserAgent changed

🔷  Hidden folders moved to one

 🔶 Removed unnecessary processes.

 🔷 Download video from youtube.

  •  Homemade as in the original

  •  With the button "Under the screen / Zoom"

  •  UserAgent changed

  •  Hidden folders moved to UCDownloads

  •  Removed unnecessary processes and self-appearing icons.

  •  News is disabled in the settings.

  •  After the exit does not hang in active processes.

  •  Download video from youtube.

  • Modification Information

  •  - Unlocked download from YouTube when changing permissions

  •  - Changed server

  •  - Splash removed

  •  - A little changed graphics and translation

  •  - Home regular (Removed sites)

  •  - Mobile and desktop User Agent changed

  •  - Increased the number of lines in the text entry window

  •  - Folders are made into one

  •  - Increased number of clipboard characters

  •  - Increased number of clipboard cells
  •  - No tab restrictions

  •  - Added Under Screen / Enlarge

  •  - Removed ads from Google, Facebook

  •  - Does not hang in the background

  •  - Removed ads in the browser itself

  •  - Removed popular queries

  •  - Removed ads in the video player

  •  - Removed site icons

  •  - Link to share with YouTube now correct

  •  - The link is clean (Removed unnecessary text)

  • Mod UC Browser v12.11.1.1197

  •  Removed unnecessary processes

  •  News is disabled in the settings.

  •  After the exit does not hang in active processes.

  •  Since UserAgent is changed

  •  It is recommended to install completely

  •  reboot browser after installation

  •  Hidden folders moved to one

  •  Download video from Youtube.

  •  Thanks Viktor245 for the button

  •  "Under Screen / Zoom" 


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