Fouad Whatsapp v8.10 Remod By Wassemsy Latest Version WhatsApp Mod Apk

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All Png Changed...

New Ui Added...

Google Massager Look added

Changelog v8.10-

📆 09-11-2019

🏷️ Base: 2.19.291

🔸Added Instagram-lilke Store you can enable it from Home Screen >> Header

🔸 Added Disable clicking on "WhatsApp"

🔸 Added Attention when press on Airplane

🔸 Added Hide Muted Status update

🔸 Added Hide Viewed Status update

🔸 Added Hide Recent Status update

• [Enabled] Stickers in photos ( emojis / stickers)

• [Enabled] Enable archive chat option in 3 dots 

• [Enabled] Scan bar code to add contact 

• [Re-Add] Save profile picture

• [Fixed] contact online toast

• [Fixed] Send in Full resolution is not working.

• [Fixed] Preview color when have a photo background

• [Fixed] Proximity sensor (when disabled) not working

• [Fixed] crash for Android 4.4 users

• [Fixed] always online is not working

• [Fixed] 80% some are facing status download issue.. (download previous status).

• [NEW] YoMods Settings design

• [NEW] Live preview of your color changes!

• [Added] Airplane mode ✈️ (disable whatsapp messages when you need!)

• [Added] Hidden chat will not show in home unread counter

• [Added] Hidden chats will not show in "Forward to..." screen. (You can re-enable from Hidden Chats Settings)

• [Added] Option to clear WA database backups

• [Fixed] More bug fixes and improvements!

• [Misc] Many other things that I forgot :p

• [Misc] Enjoy and discover by yourself!

🔸 [Fixed] Not enough space message

🔸 [Fixed] Recording Crash

🔸 [Fixed] com.yowa cannot add custom stickers

🔸 [Fixed] Deleted message icon not showing

🔸 [Fixed] White theme Icons in Voice/Video Call

🔸 [Fixed] Google Play Service error message on registration

By Fouad Mokdad

  • #YoWA V7.99 Anti-Ban 99.9%

  • 🌟 #Exclusive Anti-BAN.💥 

  • 🌟 #Exclusive: Status Splitter ✂️, Split long videos to 30 seconds parts 🎞️

  • 🌟 Ignore Archived chats (Settings > Notifications)

  • Important note, if you have been banned before:
  • 1- Take backup, Uninstall/remove Yo-WhatsApp first

  • 2- Install V7.96 and Verify number again.

• [Base Update] Base Update 2.19.150

• [Exclusive] Anti-BAN.

• [Exclusive] Exclusive Status Splitter ✂️, Split long videos to 30 seconds parts 🎞️

• [Added] Missing Old emojis (iOS)

• [Enabled] Ignore Archived chats (Settings > Notifications)

• [Enabled] Frequently forwarded tag on messages forwarded 5+ times

• [Enabled] See how many times you forwarded a message (Select > info)

• [Improved] Anti-ban measures

• [Improved] Performance and reduced lag

• [Improved] Faster opening app time

• [Fixed] Anti-delete Status/Messages option not disabling

• [Fixed] Hidden chats show in widget

• [Fixed] Random crashes when a notification arrives

• [ALERT]🗑️ Delete message time back to: 1hr 30 mins 🚫

• [ALERT] Forward limit back to: 5

• [Removed] 5-minute status option

Important note, if you have been banned before:

1- Take Chats Backup

2- Uninstall/remove YoWhatsApp first

3- Install V8 and Verify number again.


Package: com.whatsApp

• Replace Stock app (1st Number)

• Does NOT support: Samsung S5-6-7, Note4-5-7

( Replace With Your Official WhatsApp :- First Uninstall Your Whatsapp And Download This)

पहले आपको आपका WhatsApp हटाना होगा उसके बाद इसे Download करें)

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