Thursday, November 21, 2019

BMWhatsApp V20.00 Whatsapp mod Apk By NikitA

Download BMWhatsApp V20.0 Latest Version WhatsApp Mod apk By

               What's BM WhatsApp.                  


WhatsApp BM iOS X comes in three versions of the official alternative version,

      and two versions beside the official,

     with great features and all the features of whatsapp plus and the real iphone,and much much more. 

BMWhatsApp V20.00

📆 18-11-2019

🏷️ Base: 2.19.291

♦️ New Design home screen like iOS

♦️ New Design icon like iOS

♦️ Added Resizer conversations row and actionbar

♦️ Added Bom text in conversation screen

♦️ Added Hiden navigation tab, bom text, broadcast list and new group

♦️ Added New font style

♦️ Removed Emoji changer fb and android one

♦️ Added Instagram-like Story you can enable it from Home Screen >> Header

♦️ Added Disable clicking on "WhatsApp"

♦️ Added Attention when press on Airplane

♦️ Added Hide Muted Status update

♦️ Added Hide Viewed Status update

♦️ Added Hide Recent Status update

♦️ Support Android Pie 9.0

♦️ Extending the validity to 2030 does not need to be updated


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