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Monday, October 14, 2019

MDWHATSAPP NEON v8.5 Latest version Premium Mod apk Download By Rmods65

Download MDWHATSAPP NEON 8.5 Latest version Mod Apk By Rmods.xyz


 Base :- 2.19.230

 (Thanks: Hazar)

 🌟 Re - Added = background color attach

 🌟 Re - Added = color data message pending states

 🔥ANTIBAN 100%

 ♡ Archived Chats

 ♡ Add QR contacts

 ♡ Download profile picture

 ♡ Fixed in Toast Online

 ♡ Corrected the sending of images in maximum quality

 ♡ Corrected to apply color in fab and bar states when having wallpaper applied in the Start

 ♡ Corrected proximity sensor

 ♡ Fixed always online

 ♡ Fixed download of states

Added Auto Reply.

Added Message Scheduler.

Added Instagram style stories
bar added to advanced home screen styles.

Added AuroraElegant styles added to advanced home screen styles.

Added Live preview of your color changes!

  Added Airplane mode ✈️ (disable whatsapp messages when you need!)

  Added Hidden chat will not show in home unread counter.

  Added Hidden chats will not show in "Forward to..." screen. (You can re-enable from Hidden Chats Settings)

 Added Option to clear WA database backups

  Added Anti Expiry (+ 4 Months)

Fixed Added various fix options to fix screen spaces.

Fixed More bug fixes and improvements!

  Improved Spanish language updated by Maydroid. Thank you for their efforts and support.

Screenshot :-


>> Areo WhatsApp + --> (com.Areo)

Download For Second Number

दूसरा WhatsApp चलाने के लिये इसे Download करें।।।

  >> Areo WhatsApp+ --> (com.whatsapp).

( Replace With Your Official WhatsApp :- First Uninstall Your Whatsapp And Download This)

पहले आपको आपका WhatsApp हटाना होगा उसके बाद इसे Download करें)


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