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YouTuze Pro Parental Control for YouTube ™ V4.60 Premium Latest Version Mod apk Download By Rmods65

Download YouTuze Pro Parental Control for YouTube ™ v4.60 Latest version Premium Mod Apk By

YouTuze Pro Parental Control for YouTube ™

IMPORTANT READ THIS !!! : When used as parental control this app is designed to work with an Applock app such as. 

This will allow you to lock the normal YouTube™ app and the settings of the device.

YouTuze Pro is an app designed to allow parents to have more control over what their children are allowed to watch on YouTube™. 

I made it for my kids because I couldn't find an app to do exactly what I wanted. 

YouTuze sounds a bit like You Choose, that's exactly what I wanted to to make, choice for parents.

As you control what content is allowed, you are responsible for what channels, playlists and videos you add, but with that choice you are in control.


★ Does not require Youtube ™ to be installed or enabled.

★ Add content such as Channels, Playlists and Videos.

★ Shuffle mode , lets you shuffle videos of a channel or playlist! <--New Unique Feature!

★ Landscape Mode only (The best way to view videos)

★ Optional password control to add content and change settings.

★ Multiple options for exiting the app.

★ No Adverts (apart from YouTube™ video adverts which cannot be removed)

★ Not linked to a YouTube™ account.

★ Add playlists you make public on your own account.

★ Edit playlists on your own account on a computer and see them update in the app.

★ No comments or annotations in videos.

★ Small app size.

★ Minimal permissions.

Pro version:

★ Support the developer

★ No limits to number of Channels,Playlists or Videos

★ New exclusive features in the future.

The steps are:

1. Got to Add Channels

2. Search for your channel in the channel search.

3. Long press on your channel (touch the channel as though you are going to add it but hold your finger on it for longer)

4. A popup box will appear asking if you want to copy the channel ID to playlist filter

5. Press yes

Now in the add playlists you should see a list of all the playlists for that channel.

It will stay in this "mode" until you go into the advanced settings and turn it off.

So its very convenient if you only add playlists from your own channel.

AppLock or similar app to lock the phone or tablet settings and the official YouTube™ app


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