Thursday, September 05, 2019

App Lock Finger Security Premium Mod apk Latest Version Mod App Download By Omvir Sheoran(OM7753)

Download App Lock Finger Security Premium Mod apk Latest Version Mod By 

Omvir Sheoran(OM7753) 


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About Finger Security App Lock

FingerSecurity is a security app for Android devices with a fingerprint sensor. 

The app will protect apps of your choice with your fingerprint.


      FingerSecurity is enabled

    Fingerprint indicator

     The fingerprint indicator will be shown.

    Lockscreen animations

    Circle animations will be used on the lockscreen.

     New app installed

     When a new app is installed then you will be asked if you want to protect it.

     Ongoing notification

     The ongoing notification will be shown, indicating that FingerSecurity is protecting your apps.


     Improved protection

    With improved protection disabled you can't protect parts of an app or the recent apps window.

     Advanced security

    With advanced security disabled FingerSecurity can be killed or uninstalled.

     Alternative password

    You are able to unlock your protected apps with your alternative password.


Fingerprint indicator

The default fingerprint indicator will be used.


The default color will be used for the background.

Fake crash

It will be obvious that your apps are protected.


The default message will be shown on the lockscreen.

Ongoing notification

The default messages will be used for the ongoing notification.

Protected notifications

The default message will be used for the protected notifications.


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