Phoenix Facebook Pro Latest Version 3.1 Mod apk Download By Rmods65

Download Phoenix - Facebook & Messenger Pro Latest Version 3.1 Mod apk By

What's New

• peek video. Now see videos with just a long press


• images not uploading in chat

• images not uploading in chat heads

• home feed not loading

• stories not loading

• broken url in stories

• unable to download the content of stories

• unable to customize notification settings

• black text appearing in dark mode

• the appearance of duplicate tabs

• greatly improved performance and reduced memory consumption

What is Phoenix

Enjoy Facebook & Messenger in one place Download photos and videos

Simple. Elegant. Phoenix.

Want to use Facebook but can't use it due to battery and storage issues?

With Phoenix you can use Facebook without sacrificing battery or mobile storage.

 Phoenix is a Facebook wrapper that shows Facebook in
          it's mobile-friendly web interface and provides the feel of the original Facebook app.

Beautiful yet powerful.

Want to use Messenger but don't want to have 2 separate apps?

Phoenix now offers in-app messages so you don't need to use Messenger separately.

We also offer chat heads just like Messenger to help you keep conversations alive even from outside the app, using floating bubbles.

Phoenix is rich of features such as:

• Custom video player to view Facebook videos with a video download option

• Custom photo viewer to view Facebook photos with an ability to download or simply share them directly

• Simplified photo commenting. Once you’ve clicked on a photo,

just click or swipe the bottom bar in the photo viewer to comment and see all comments

• Long press to download photos on-the-go without even opening them

• GIF support and GIF sharing without downloading them

• Chat heads just like Messenger which let you chat from any screen even outside the app

• Facebook and Messenger notifications
• Ability to set a timer to check for new notifications

• Smooth experience and mobile data efficient

• Plenty of layouts and themes to customize your experience

• Phoenix lock to protect your privacy
and much more...

Screen shot:-


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