InstaXtreme V17 Latest version Instagram Mod Apk download By Rmods65

Download InstaXtreme V17 Latest version Instagram Mod Apk By

InstaXtreme-A God Mod for Instagram
Version 17

Changelog :- 

>Base update to

>Ability to lock app by pin-code

>Changed downloader, now you can use SD-card

>Changed method of hooking ads

>Settings backup

>Ability to disable analytics(all statistics and insights won't be work either)

>Ability to hide liked posts in feed(can cause ads)

>Ability to rearrange navbar and action bar of main activity(General settings

 -> Feed and stories settings 

-> Action Bar and NavBar settings). 

Don't use it, if you're change language in Instagram manually, icons in action bar will disappear!

>Ability to play stories always with sound

>Ability to disable autoskip stories

>Ability to download posts on receiving notifications

>Ability to download voice messages

>Theming fixes - Selecting a Person on the story hide menu, DM UI to name a few

>Ability to disable downloads notifications

>Ability to disable the cropping of stories

>Ability to remove black borders(top and bottom) in stories

>Option of max quality of photos is now optional. Disabled by default. 

You can disable it if you have lags or something, maybe it'll be helpful

>Option to increase quality of uploading stories(experimental, may not work)

>Ability to watch stories in fullscreen(may not work)

>Black theme is now with white icons + 

some fixes

>Clone fixes

Some people still complaining about the StatusBar Disappearing..please check and report back

Important: bug by Instagram – the heart sending in DM doesn't work (people say, that has been fixed in Instagram v103, but I don't wanna make base update again now).

 Clone crashes on first launch because of this, but it works fine after crash(I believe)

Read More About Features.

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Package Name :-
Replace With your Official Instagram

ARM User

X86 User 

Second Package :- Clone Instagram
Arm User

X86 User

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