What is WAPro ?

A material designed mod of official WhatsApp, that provides many of features including: privacy mods, changing styles, & many more!

Developed By : #WassemSy

WAPro Changelog :- v2.70

More Anti-Ban "Plz Read The Notes in My Website". 

• Increase The Expiry Limit 2 Months More. 

• Added "WAPro Upgrade Message". 

• Added 9 New Icons to WAPro. 

• Supported German & Portuguese. 

• Fix The Option "Open WhatsApp.log". 

• Fix The Option "Change WAPro Language". 

• Fix The Option "Remove the Last Emoji Used". 

• Fix The Option "Change the Notifications Icon". 

• Fix The Option "Reset Privacy Options to Default".

WAPro Changelog :- v2.60

• Official Release of WhatsApp Pro. 

• Based on v2.19.34. 

• AntiBan 100% , In addition to support fully Android 8 & 9. 

• To avoid sudden crashes, some features of the previous version have been deleted. 

• Added an option to lock the program via the "Pattern" style. 

• Added an option to turn off the Internet for the program "in the main interface". 

• Added an option to change the color of the story to any color "background+text". 

• Added an option to open multiple chats together "Move through the Recent button". 

• Added an option to hide the stories "modern+unimportant+viewed". 

• Added an option to prevent deleting the message "You can read the deleted message". 

• Added an option to prevent deleting the status "You can view the deleted status". 

• Added an option to automatically unlock the keyboard when entering a conversation.

• Added an option to hide the message counter signal on the main icon. 

• Added an option to change the main interface style to the old interface. 

• Added an option to disable pop-up notifications "Android 5 & above". 

• Added an option to show full long messages without reading more. 

• Added an option to hide the conference call icon in the group. 

• Added an option to change the conversation style in the main interface. 

• Added many settings group to customize the Options menu. 

• Added an option to hide the contact call icon from the top bar. 

• Added an option to change story interface style. 

• Added an option to send images with original accuracy. 

• Added an option to apply black background to Pro settings. 

• Added an option to send story as high as possible. 

• Added an option not to allow sensors to stop voice messages. 

• Added an option to increase the maximum volume of the audio clip to 100 MB. 

• Adjust an "raise the maximum video size" option to 135 MB instead of 72 MB. 

• Improved "put your name & number in the top bar of the main screen" option. 

• Improved changelog codes to support many language. 

• Fix the option "check for update". 

• Other fixes.
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Important Note 1:
Important Note

If You See This  Press Back Button 

              Important Note 2 :-

If you have been banned before:
  • Backup your chats.

  • Uninstall WAPro v2.60 first.

  • Install WAPro v2.70 & verify your number.

Download Link Below

Version: 2.70 - Base: v2.19.34
Package Name: com.whatsapp (Replace With your Official WhatsApp)

First Uninstall Your WhatsApp 

See Full Video If You Having Any Problems To Download...