Thursday, July 18, 2019

BRIWhatsApp v0.35 Latest Version Mod WhatsApp Apk Download By Rmods65

Download BRIWhatsApp v0.35 Latest Version Mod WhatsApp Apk By

[Antiban] 100%

[New] Ticks Styles

[New] Style Fouad Delta (Ciben)

[New] Log

[New] Multitext

[New] Drawer

[Added] Option to disable audio playback Automatically

Correction of errors ...

[New] 3D Effects 

[New] Animatin effects

[New] List View Effects 

[New] New Chat

[New] Load Font

New] Choose a background color for states

[New] Hide recent states silenced and seen

[New] Bigtext in states

[Enabled] Option to allow messages forwarded frequently in a group

[New] List effects

[New] Hide the blue microphone when you hear an audio

[New] App Lock

[New] Hide notifications

Enabled] Stickers in states and emojis

[Enabled] Option to ignore archived chats (Settings> Notifications)

[Enabled] Block by fingerprint

[Enabled] Sending documents over 100MB

[Enabled] New gifs search engine

[Enabled] Enabled Night Mode in Settings (WhatsApp Beta)

[New] Slide to the right to close the conversation

[New] Option to enable text selection in a conversation

[New] Disables the Forwarded tag

[New] Option to cut the connection inside WhatsApp (DND MODE)

[New] Load any font from the whatsapp app (Load Font)

[Enabled] Send chat to contact not scheduled

[Enabled] Check for updates in real time


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