Sunday, May 19, 2019

Mod UC Browser v12.11.1.1197 Latest Version Update By Rmods

Download Uc  Browser Ads Free Mod With Latest Version Base

Mod UC Browser v12.11.1.1197

➡️  Removed unnecessary processes
News is disabled in the settings. ⬅️

➡️ After the exit does not hang in active processes..⬅️

➡️Since UserAgent is changed⬅️

➡️It is recommended to install completely ⬅️

➡️ reboot browser after installation
Hidden folders moved to one

Download video from Youtube.⬅️

   ➡️   Thanks Anamika for the button
"Under Screen / Zoom" ⬅️

What's New :-

➡️ - No restrictions⬅️

➡️- Unlocked download from YouTube⬅️

➡️- Changed server⬅️

➡️ - Splash removed⬅️

➡️ - A little changed graphics and translation⬅️

➡️- Home (My Sites)⬅️

➡️ - Mobile and desktop User Agent changed⬅️

➡️- Increased the number of lines in the text entry window⬅️

➡️ - Folders are made into one⬅️

➡️- Increased number of clipboard characters⬅️

➡️ - Increased number of clipboard cells⬅️

➡️- No tab restrictions⬅️

➡️- Added Under Screen / Enlarge⬅️

➡️- Removed pictures of the day, night⬅️

➡️- Removed self-appearing icons of third-party sites on the express panel⬅️

➡️ - Removed advertising banners in the menu and on the home page ⬅️

➡️- Does not hang in the background⬅️
- Language only Russian / English

- Must be root and applied patches in the

signature patch

⬇️⬇️⬇️ DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

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