Sunday, April 07, 2019

Download InstaUltra v0.9.2.10 Latest Version Mod App Gb instagram

Download  InstaUltra v0.9.2.10 Latest Version Mod App

Download Gb Instagram Latrst Version Updated


➡️ New Base Updated to ⬅️

➡️ Added Ability to Download Video/Images⬅️

➡️ Added Privacy - Hide View Status (Don't Show Your Name even If you View Someone's Story)  ⬅️

➡️ Added Ability to Download Stories ⬅️

➡️ Added Ability to copy Bio ⬅️

➡️ Added InstaUltra Settings Icon on Header of profile⬅️

➡️ Improved NOW you can Download Video/Image From Private Accounts   ⬅️

➡️ Added Option to Disable Slide Navigation  ⬅️

➡️Support X86  ⬅️

➡️ Added Ability to Support Links in App ⬅️

➡️  Added When some uploads More than 1 image Simultaneously, download will save all pics At Once  ⬅️

➡️ Option to Start Audio Directly with Video ⬅️

➡️  Fixed all bugs of v0.9.1.3 ⬅️

Replace Your  Official Instagram

➡️सबसे पहले आप play Store वाला Instagram को Uninstall  करें।

फिर इसे Install करें....

Package Name :-   com.instagram ⬅️

➡️  Support  :- (armeabi-v7a)  ⬅️

       ➡️ Replace With Your Official Instagram⬅️

➡️सबसे पहले आप play Store वाला Instagram को Uninstall करें⬅️

➡️package Name :-   com.instagram ⬅️

 ➡️Support In :- X86 ⬅️


Gb WhatsApp latest version  Download

Gb instagram Latest version  Download


  1. How to download images from private account with this app? Please reply.

  2. How to download images of the private account with this app ??
    Please reply.

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