GBInstagram Update is Finally Out After a Long Time 😍❤️✌🏻



🔄 What's new in v1.60

[ New ] Base Updated to

[ Added ] Support for IGTV

[ Added ] Video Calls

[ Added ] Now can Add Voice Note In story

[ Added ] Now can ADD Tag in Story

[ Added ] You Can Make a Chat Favourite

[ Fixed ] Bubble Color when Reply to Story

[ Fixed ] Themes after Viewing Post in Search

[ Fixed ] Crash when Click on Download/Preview

Many More Fixes...

Important Note -

1. Profile Pic Cannot be Fixed as Instagram Removed the APIs. Will try adding some Workaround for the same.

       Apps available on Playstore have their own servers so don't say about it.

2. Everything Works as it Should...
       So kindly check everything from your end before reporting.

3. GBInstagram Themes has been already added in
        OSMThemes App Available on PlayStore.

Download GBInstagram

 Package Name : - Com.gbinstagram

 Dual Instagram App


Download GBInstagram + V1.60

 Download GBInstagram  plus

 Package Name :- Com.instagram

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