RC-Fouad WhatsApp,

a remod of YoWhatsApp, has just been updated to the new version 7.50 with many interesting new features. 

To begin with, it must be said that as it is a remod it brings the same novelties as YoWhatsApp version 7.50,

 but it also brings some of its own. 

 As already mentioned,

 RC-Fouad WhatsApp is a YoWhatsApp-based remod where you can find even more options to customize the application’s user interface, 

    such as a bubble from the conversation to the text input when you type your message.

 What’s New RC-Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version As you can read below,

 the list of new features is very extensive,

    with new features ranging from entrys to new styles in the contact or group info, 

   new bubble, 
     in the emojis selector, 

    in addition to introducing RC-Fouad iOS,

    with which we have a WhatsApp in the purest iOS style, but from our Android. 

 Also, don’t forget that RC-Fouad WhatsApp GLAX receives its update ration,

 as you can find all the new features described above and new icons that make it even more “appealing”. 

 New send and receive tones Viewed states solved Fixed error 

   when sending audio in the entry round and allo FAB fixed on top of the tab without errors 

   Solved coloring the emojis bar

 New icons in RC-FOUAD IOS

 Double number error will be fixed for 7.60 

 Rc Fouad WhatsApp 

RC-Fouad WhatsApp GLAxy Emoji One

RC-Fouad WhatsApp GLAX Emoji Stock


       RC-Fouad WhatsApp iOS