Sunday, July 08, 2018

How to chat with Block person on what's app

Hey guys, how are u?
  .                           Today I will tell you how we can chat with that person who block on you on what's app.Yes its possible to chat with that person who block you!
Follow The step
{Assume that 'A' is your name, 'B' is your friend name and 'C' is your friend name who block you)

1-First Tell Your friends who's namr is A

2-Tell him to create A group on what's app

3-then tell me to add you and add your friend who block you that.

4-That means 'A' create group , 'A' added you (B) Then 'A' also add C

5-its done now u can chat with him

6- If your chat is personal then tell Your friend whos Name is A to left the group

7-that over ,

Hope you enjoy!

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