Friday, May 11, 2018

YOWhatsApp v7.50 Latest Version [DUAL WHATSAPP MODs] With Emoji Or Without Emoji Changer

Yo WhatsApp v7.50 [ Latest Version ] - WA+ / YoWA / YoWA2

Download YoWhatsApp 7.50 Apk Latest Version - YoWA v7.50 Apk Dual WhatsApp Mod With or Without Emoji Changer

Change log version 7.50 :-

-->> Base Updated to 2.18.122

-->> Enabled One Touch Voice Note Recording ( Press and Slide Up )

-->> Added Contacts Screen Automatically Takes Theme Colors

-->> Added Change Chat Tab Unread Counter Background ( Option 2.1.4 )

-->> Added Change Chat Tab Unread Counter Text Color ( Option 2.1.5 )

-->> Added Lock Wallpaper Preview After Choosing

-->> Added OnePlus ( Slate ) Font ( Option 1.2.0 )

-->> Added Old Stock ( 2016 ) Entry Style ( Option 3.2.3 )

-->> Added YoWA Entry Extra Attachment Buttons ( Documents etc. )

-->> Added Attach Button in WANH Entry Style
-->> Re-Organized Home Screen Colors in Option 2.1

-->> Enabled Group Description - Working

-->> Enabled Group Settings - Working

-->> Re-Enabled Last Seen on Home Screen by Default

-->> Fixed White Themes Caller Name not Showing

-->> Fixed Android KitKat Calls Crash

-->> Fixed Share 100 Images from Gallery to WhatsApp

-->> Fixed Error When Trying to Set Lock Wallpaper in Some Devices

-->> Fixed Disable Heads Up for Android Oreo 8.0+ ( If Still Doesn't Work Go to Apps > YoWhatsApp > Change Importance to Default )

How to Download :-

-->> Move Below and You Will Find 3 Types of Download Links.

-->> There are No Download Links, Instead There are Greenish Blue Download Buttons Below Where it's

Clearly Written Download YoWhatsApp.

Click on The Button of Whichever Variant
You Like and Download Your Mod.

-->> Try Any Download From Whichever Link You Like  Choice is Yours.


With Emoji Changer/Variants: 44MB
Without Emoji Changer/Variants: 31MB

Package: com.whatsApp.

• Replace Stock app (1st Number)
• Does NOT support: Samsung S5-6-7, Note4-5-7
With Emoji Changer/Variants

                  DOWNLOAD HERE


Without Emoji Changer/Variants

              DOWNLOAD HERE

              DOWNLOAD HERE 2


• Use Second (2nd) Number
• DOES support: Samsung Galaxy S5, 6,7,8,9 - Note 4,5,7,8

Package: com.yowhatsApp

            DOWNLOAD HERE

               DOWNLOAD HERE 2

Without Emoji Changer/Variants
             DOWNLOAD HERE

           DOWNLOAD HERE 2
NEW: Use third (3rd) Number
• DOES support: Samsung Galaxy S5,6,7,8,9 - Note 4,5,7,8

Package: com.yowhstsapp3


                DOWNLOAD HERE 2

    Without Emoji Changer/Variants

            DOWNLOAD HERE

              DOWNLOAD HERE 2

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