GBInstagram v1.20 Latest Version updated

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GB Instagram Version 1.20 & GB Instagram Version 1.20

What is GB Instagram

Is a two, instead of proving a copy Instagram official copy to run the second account is based on the latest version of the application Instagram

supports all Android devices in addition to other features.

What features  GB Instagram + & GB Instagram
Possibility to download pictures and videos 

 You can upload photos and videos from Mobile 

 Possibility preview images and play videos your operator without saving device 

 the ability to share / copy images links and videos 

 add many options to change Theme (colors) conversations screen and conversations 

You can copy comments 

 you can translate comments into your own language 

 you can work zoom (zoom in / out) for photos and personal photos

 publications through prolonged by pressing 

 click on the links in the program are fully supported (publications-comments-in conversation) 

 add the option to play audio with the video automatic 

 can Copies Albaao (Description) ,

You can find out who follows (Enter the person 's file for any person you will find the word that follows it follows)

         What's New 

      GBInstagram + & GBInstagram version 1.20
 Add new options to modify Theme (colors) main interface

 Add the possibility of voting 

 You can now save / application / scan / share your theme 

 Add Option 01/02/17 to change the color of admiration message (Heart ) in the conversation 

 add option number 2.2.11 to change the color of admiration for eachother (heart) in talks 

 repair transparency Options 

 repair change the colors of bubbles messages in the conversation 

 Other reforms

               GB InstaGram plus+                                 (com.instagram)DOWNLOAD INSTAGRAM +

               GB InstaGram 1.20                                  updated

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