GB WHATSAPP LATEST Version 6.10 updated. 2017

Changelog v6.10 :-

-->> Base Updated to 2.17.427 

-->> Finally Added New Emojis 

-->> ReDesigned FAB, It's Customizable This Time 

-->> Ability to Increase Video Limit in Status ( Mod 5.6 ) [ Official WhatsApp Users Will Only See 30 Secs Video ]

-->> Added DND Mode ( Disable Internet Only for WhatsApp ) [ Home Page > Header ]

-->> Ability to Identify Admin Message in Group ( Besides Number )

-->> Added an Option to Change FAB Size ( Mod 2.7.7 )

-->> Added an Option to Change FAB Location / Position ( Mod 2.7.8 )

-->> Enabled Change Number Notification 

-->> Enabled Clock Sticker 

-->> Enabled Group Info Settings ( Will Work When Enabled From Server Side )

-->> Added an Option to Hide DND Mode Icon ( Mod 2.1.10 )

-->> Improved Dialer ( Now You Can Edit, Copy, Paste Numbers )

-->> Added German Language Support 

-->> Fixed Navigation Bar Color While Selecting Any Chat / Message 

-->> Fixed Mod 6.2 While Sending or Receiving More than 1 Picture 

-->> Fixed Mod 6.11 for Android Oreo 

-->> Fixed Play Videos in Some Devices 

-->> Fixed Crash While Opening Custom Privacy Chats 

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Version 6.00


New Base Updated to 2.17.351

 (PlayStore)Exclusive Ability to Send Text Broadcast to Groups (Only Text Messages).

Exclusive Ability to Filter Message when Clear Chat

Added Anti-Revoke (Options - Privacy). 

Exclusively Fixed Maps when send Location

        Enabled Live Location Sharing.

     Enabled Image/Video Filters (Effects when Send Images).  

Added Option for Centre Names in Conversation Header (Mod 1.1.15)

Enabled Advance Storage Management (Settings - Data & Storage).

Enabled Quick Reply (Press and Hold any message and click on the Text Entry).  

Added Custom Anti Revoke.

Added Ability to Revoke Multiple Message at Once.      

Added Ability to Copy Text Status (Open Options & Click on Copy).

Added Ability to Remove "Read More" option for Long Messages (Mod 1.2.63). 

Added Ability to Send 100 Documents instead of 30

Added Themed Emoji & GIF Search.  

Updated Ability to Select Multiple 

      Contacts in Scheduler for a Single Message (Press and Hold the contact you want to select).   

Fixed Emoji Scroll Other Fixes...

            Version 5.90

New Base Updated to 2.17.296

(PlayStore)ِEnable Recall feature(Now you can delete sent messages)

     (Select any message - open options and click recall)

Exclusive Added Dialer FAB on Calls 

Tab using which You can send Msg and Call to unsaved Nos. . 

(Go to Calls Tab and Press the FAB for Keypad).  .

Super Exclusive Custom Media Auto-Download ( Now you can choose for which particular contact or group you want auto download).  

   Exclusive Custom Privacy for Hide View Status.

Exclusively Back Now You can Play Videos in your Favourite external app (MX or any other) (Mod 6.19)

Added Option to send Original Images(5.5).

Unlocked Album Feature when send more than 3 Images.. 

Now you can upload Text Status.
Added option for GIF Tenor/Giphy (Mod 6.18). ..

Updated Message Scheduler - Now you can Edit Scheduled Messages.   

           .Added Emoji Search..

Added Option to Disable Message Counter (Mod 6.17).   

Fixed Auto-Backup chats at 2am .

Now you can Share apk directly through file manager and.

 select WhatsApp Turkish Language Support Updated Spanish & Italian Translation Fixed

 Message Scheduler on KitKat Phones. 
         Fixed Emoji Icon Color.

         Fixed WhatsApp.. 

Log Other Fixes




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