Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Instagram Mod Apk latest version 1.00_Gb Instagram+

Instagram Mod Apk by GB mods Version 1.00

Program 1.00 + GBInstagram & GBInstagram

      Modifying your breathing..

        What is GBInstagram?

        It is a two-program,

       a copy of the official integer and a copy to run a second account 

      base  on the latest version of the application of the extension

       and supports all the android devices in addition to other features.

What features + GBInstagram &

       * Ability to upload pictures and videos 

       * You can upload pictures and videos from the history 

        * Ability to share / copy image and video links

          * Add many options to change the
colors of the dialog and conversation screen 

        * You can copy comments 

         * You can translate comments into your language 

       * (Press-comments-inside the conversation) 

     * Add an option to play audio with video automatically 

     * Copy Bayo (description) 

         * You can learn from Follow you (enter the file person to anyone you will find a word Follow you if he follows you)
Download GBInstagram 

Download Instagram Plus + Instagram installs the official instagram

New Based on (PlayStore)

Ability to Download Video/Images 

 Ability to Share/Copy Video/Images Url

Added Ability to Download Stories

Added options to Theme Chats/Chat screen

   Added Ability to Copy Comment

Added Ability to Translate Comments

Added Ability to copy Bio

Added Ability to Zoom Profile Pics 

(Press & Hold the Profile Image)

Ability to Support Links in App

Added Option to Start Audio Directly with Video Added You will know who follows you 








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