Monday, October 16, 2017

How to download  videos  on Facebook lite Facebook

How to download  videos  on Facebook lite Facebook...

Hello, friends ...

Today I will tell you how to download the video of Facebook Lite.

For this you complete my given step as well.

    First of all you will have to watch the video in facebook lite,

      when you will see the whole video. 

Then you will have to download and install an app in your mobile.

When you install the app well, then open the app

   Download ES File Manager Pro paid Version

Download ES File Manager  

1. Open FB lite....

2. You play the video you want. 
    After you watch you go to es file manager

4. You look for the folder "Android"


5. Find M in the folder of Android the " com.facebook.lite

    6.Click "Cache"

       7. In Cache folder you can see three folders, font, image, video you click the video

     8. Within the video folder has a siang folder you tuning in com.facebook.lite  
click  And open Folder.


        9. You can see a file that is just 0000000000000000 the name,

       Now you have to give it a new name to the file, not a different name, 
             just write the (.mp4) in its last name.

  see In Screen shot

for Example:--

         (Your File Name Is :-)

       Now Select Rename file And
type 00000000.mp4

          10. Now friends Your File Convert  into video...


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