How delete WhatsApp Message After send

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How delete WhatsApp Message After send?

This Is Not a Trick...

is A feature Of Mod WhatsApp..

You have to open this Mod WhatsApp Download again before removing the code.

Then after that, enter the number of the same old way.

Now you can remove the message sent to anyone.

Mark the message to the message you want to delete.

Now click on the delete marker message. 

You will see some options.




Click on The message you sent will now be removed from you and whatsapp of what you sent.

जैसे हम साधारण संदेश को हटाते है   इसे भी वैसे ही हटाना है।

बस सिर्फ हटाते समय आपको तीन ऑप्शन दिखाई देंगे|

आपको तीसरा ऑप्शन चुनना होगा।उसके बाद आपका recall(delete) जाएगा।


आपको  DELETE FOR EVERYONE  को Select krna hai.

Now you can download it from the link below.

Changelog v6.80 :-

-->> Base Updated to 2.17.306

-->> Added Calls Privacy ( Now Select or Choose Who Can Call You )

[ YoMods > Privacy > Incoming Calls ]

-->> Added Filters ( Now You Can Apply Filters While Posting Photo / Video to the Status / Story )

-->> Added Selected Tab Underline Color ( Option 2.1.9 )

-->> Added Line Color Between Chats in Main Screen ( Option 2.1.10 )

-->> Added Date Pending Message Color in Main Screen ( Option 2.1.11 )

-->> Added Date Color in Main Screen ( Option 2.1.12 )

-->> Added Mention Color in Main Screen ( Option 2.1.13 )

-->> Added Documents Text Color in Chat Screen ( Option 3.1.32 )

-->> Added Mention Color in Chats Screen ( Option 3.1.33 )

-->> Added Recent Update Text Color in Story Screen ( Option 2.1.6 )

-->> Added Page Title Text Color ( Option 2.1.7 )

-->> Added Page Selected Title Color ( Option 2.1.8 )

-->> Added Voice Note Play Button Color ( Option 3.1.34 )

-->> Added Forward Icon Color ( Option 3.1.25 )

-->> Added Forward Background Color ( Option 3.1.26 )

-->> Added Participants Color ( Option 3.1.32 )

-->> New Pattern Lock Design
-->> Re - Designed Extreme Entry ..

-->> Added Fonts Preview in Fonts Style 

-->> Added Android O Emojis

-->> Added Support to Zoom in / Out of Themes Screenshots

-->> Added an Option to Delete
Conversation Media While Deleting a Chat

-->> Added an Option to Control Conversation Lock in Contact / Group info Page

-->> Added Page Title Text Color ( Option 2.1.5 )

-->> Added Page Selected Title Color ( Option 2.1.6 )

-->> Added Selected Tab Underline Color ( Option 2.1.7 )

-->> Added In-Conversation Translation to Turkish

-->> Added 6 New Fonts

-->> Fixed Pics in Chat Text Alignment Issues

-->> Fixed Calling UI not Colouring

-->> Fixed Text Overlapping Icons in
Some Enteries

-->> Fixed GIF Search Window Goes Behind Keyboard

-->> Fixed Text ( T ) Style Not Changing in Status Screen 
-->> Fixed 2 Icons in Launcher Issue

-->> Calls Screen Icons Now
Automatically Takes Color

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