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Facebook photo teg Verification 2016 Full Guide + All Tricks

How slove Facebook photo tag verification (New working Tricks)

Guys are constantly asking me everyday Whatspp on Facebook, how to put on Facebook.

I was tagged, give proof to make, or to let you on my Facebook.

So today I will give you all the answers.

Even if something was missed or if there must be mentioned.

Facebook blocking all the fake Facebook accounts or those kind of accounts on which thousands of friends request are sending to unknown persons to Prevent Unauthorized Access.

If your Facebook account is suspended or your account is temporary blocked for 30 days.

Then FB may ask you for your identity proof like
Government(Govt.) issued id to verify your account or identity

            verification or to complete a security check which is required to reactivate your account.

The first way to get FB account back is via Gmail email where they send conformation code to recover the account.

But for complete security check or to solve error, 

Facebook will provide you 5 photos  of your friends which you have to identify.

The main problem will arise, 

when you are not able to identify the tagged friends and failed to identify photos.

There are top 4 latest tricks [2016] or tutorials by which you can

        bypass, fix, turn off, reset, disable, unblock, unlock,  Skip,  remove and solve the Facebook account image tag verification or security checkpoint with or without photos.

All the tricks provided below also works on Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, Linux or any other phone very easily.

100% Working Methods Fix tag verification by Japanese Proxy

:Note: This proxy trick also works with UC browser.

Here in this tutorial,

I am using Mozilla Firefox.

1. First of all, open/launch Mozilla Firefox.

2. Now on Firefox,


And then click on connection Settings.

3. Enter the below proxy to the settings proxy field.

Port:     3128

See the below image

Unblock Facebook code ID

4. Now,Save the settings.  

and the click here to log on to Facebook in mobile view.

5. Then, FB will ask you to enter you Email or Mobile number to verify your account.  

And, now follow the wizard as usual. That's it.

Using VPN japan country
TunnelBear/Okay freedom/Tiger VPNs/Proxy Droid VPN Android or iPhone App

1. First of all, Download and Install Tunnel Bear APP.

      click here

2. Now, Now launch the app and create a free account.

3. Then, select Japanese proxy from the list. 

And wait until your phone connected to the proxy.

4. Now, Back this App. 

and then launch Opera-mini or any other browser.

5. Then, login to your Facebook account and then FB will ask you to enter you Email/Date of birth or mobile number and do it as usual and then verify your account.
That's it .

>Note: This trick also works with Hola Better Internet, Hola Proxy software, Hola extension.

The conclusion is that you can use any VPN or proxy software but the procedure will be same as stated above.

Google Search Tricks by Ritz

When you try to login to your blocked or suspended Facebook account,

then FB will ask you to identify your FB friends face and they display the image along with their name.

u just have to identify their name and then tick on the correct answer.

1. First of all, login to your Facebook account as usual

2. Now, open google image search in your browser new tab.

3. Now, Copy the First Name and then try to search on Google image search.
4. See this Facebook + "name of first friend".

Example:-.  facebook+"Ritz kharol"
Facebook+"Bipin Rai"

See picture Last

5.look for your friend image other search page. 

Note:-      Guys, if you do not have a photo of the first name you see another name,

6. Now, you successfully find out the image, 

just tick on the correct result and hit on submit.

Do this procedure several time to complete the security checkpoint!.

Government ID  (proof) Verification  Upload

Now the last and working method.

When you failed to get back your account and FB asking for your Government ID proof.

Then create a new Fake one.

Sometime, you will find no name with the photos on security checkpoint and then you will need a Govt. ID

.1. First of all, download and install this awesome Android App.

       click here

2.  Download And Install And Open the app.

3. Enter your Date of Birth [DOB] and choose your country. 

and then click on upload photo.

4.     click on Generate.

5.  login to your account and upload this fake Govt. ID and then wait for some days

So guys if you have questions or comments it may come.

And even if you know any other way to tell important.

Join my Facebook group and there you will find frequently asked questions and more information,


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