It is very easy to root you android mobile without the use of computer.

We have shared some of the best methods for it.

We regularly update this methods and add new methods for rooting.

The shared Tricks are the best trick for rooting your device without the use of PC.

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Now let’s move to the methods,

herewe have listed our the name of all methods to root without pc

:1.Employing Framaroot

2.Using Universal Androot

4.Z4 Root To Root Andriod Without PC

5.Easy Rooting Toolkit App

6.Baidu Root

7.Towel Root

8.CF Auto root
9. KingRoot

10.          kingoRoot

Before moving to any method we would like to share a important note with you: 

You can try this trick as per your own risk

A framaroot is a normal one click App which can root all kinds of android devices or phones and that too without the use of computers.

This particular app was basically developed by Alephzain who wasfrom the XDA forums. 

With just a single click of this particular app,

one could install SU binary and Superuser easily on the smartphone and you will get your answer of HOW to root android without pc.

Framaroot a root without pc apk currently supports smartphones who have Android version 2.0+.

This is the fastest and easiest method to root without PC. 

All you have to do is just simply download the Framaroot app and then copy
                         the downloaded file into the smartphone or device through the SD.

STEP 1:   First step would be to download the particular Framaroot app to your PC or smartphone:

           Download Framaroot

Now in case you have downloaded the file to your computer,

then you need to copy the APK file into the smartphone memory.

In case if you have downloaded into the phone,
make sure to move it to a specific folder.

STEP 3: Once that is done,

then you need to install the Framaroot from the given apk file.

STEP 4: Here you need to select the 

‘    'Install Superuser’

 option which is present in the Framaroot.

STEP 5: Then you can select any of the given exploits which would appear in the applications.

STEP 6: Now you may have to wait and in case you see this message

SU binary and Superuser installed”,

means that your rooted app is successfully installed and you would have to reboot the system in order to use it.

Finally you are done with the process of root android without pc methods.

But if you get a failed message,

then there is another exploit method to root android without computer.

Check out this Best android apps which you must have in your android mobile.

#2 Using Universal Androot:

There are various ways for how to root android without computer but the regular methods can be quite complicated.

Androot is simple app that could easily help in rooting
the Android phone With the simple downloading and installing without the use of the PC.

It is so far an easy and working methods to root any android device without computer.

STEP 1:First go to the Settings option of your Android Device and selects the Application option.

Here you need to click the check box for Unknown source and save it.

STEP 2: Now download and install the app called universal Androot

             DOWNLOAD HERE

STEP 3: Once it is success, 

then you need to launch the app into your cell phone and click on the Root option.

You must make sure that you select the right version of the Android cell phone.

STEP 4: Your Android phone is now successfully Rooted.

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Let’s check this Best rooted apps which you can now install in your device as your device has been rooted.

         #3 iRoot:

This is one of the easiest method to root android without pc or computer.

This software is developed by   Mgyun team who had also released vRoot before.

This iRoot application support any android mobile or smartphone.

It supports Android 2.2 to 4.4running devices to root it without the use of computer.

It supports more than150000 models with various brand names.

iRoot uses the most advanced rooting techniques which give 95% success rate.

You can just root or unroot your android device in just one single click. 

          4.   Z4 Root:

This is one of the best and the oldest app to root android mobile without the use of computer or pc.

It is very easy to use this application.

This application is developed by one the member of XDA.

This Z4 Root application can root almost every android mobile chipset.

If you have the android mobile from the company xolo,



spice then you must try this root android without pc application.

           Z4 Root has a higher success ratiothan the other rooting application.

It is free of ads so that you can use this app in your android mobile without any hindrances.

The app is very simple and straightforwardin its operation and everyone can use it without any hassle.

This is the only application which provide regular updates so that you can get latest and most refined of the rooting app.

The application is givenin APK file so that you can directly install it in your device.

        5 Easy Rooting Toolkit App:

            This is one of the best and new working app to root android phone without pc.

Thiseasy rooting toolkit will root your mobileand even install the busybox and su files in your mobile.

You must have try this app to easily root your android device.

How To Root Using Easy Rooting Toolkit App?*.

First download the file from below download link*.


Extract all files using any zip extractor*.

Go to the folder of extraction and executethe file “RUNME.bat”*.

You will get the file as above.

Read all theinstruction carefully and run it*.

Reboot the device after the script finish itexecution!

         6 Baidu Root:

This is one of the best and popular app to root any android mobile without pc or computer.

It can root almost every single android device.

As per their website,
             baidu root have rooted more than 6000 devices till now.

They do not use Super SU as they have their own SU permission app.

Steps To Root Android Mobile With Baidu Root:

1.First of all download baidu root application from below given download links.

2.Now install the apk in your device

3.Open Baidu application in your mobile

4.Just click on Root button inside the app and wait till success bar reach 100%.

5.Restart your phone, you android mobile have successfully rooted



               7. Towel Root:

This application is developed by Geohot toroot android phone without pc easily.

It successfully rooted Verizon
Galaxy S5,
Nexus 5,
Note 3 and lots of Latest Android mobile devices.

It is very easy and free to download from our website.

If you have any doubts in using this towel root application to root android mobile then comment here.

We will try to solve it as soon as possible.

          8 CF Auto root:

This is the new android app to root androidwithout pc.

This app is developed by chainfire.
It can easily root your samsung mobile and other mobile as well.

Downloadthe CF Auto Root as per your mobile device.

There so many downloads are available here.

You just have to pick up theone as per your mobile device.

Visit here to get all the list ofCF Auto Root.

#Root Any Android Phone Using KingRoot Application

1) Before getting started with the rooting Trickhacked,

make sure that your device has atleast 50-60% battery backup in it.


ensure that you have uninstalled or disabled antivirus applications in

your Android device as they sometimes distract the rooting procedure.

2) Next, enable Installation of apps from Unknown sources in your device by following this path: 

Settings -> Security -> Device Administration -> Unknown Sources.

3) Now, download KingRoot app to your Android device.
                 Read more About KingRoot

kingo Root

You will see this warning window when

your device is not/no longer properly rooted - ROOT YOUR DEVICE (AGAIN)

su binary is nowhere to be found - UNLOCK BOOTLAODER

su binary is out of date and needs update

If you haven't rooted your device before installing Kingo SuperUser...

Root Your Device with Kingo Root APK (Android version)
Advantage: No need to connect to a computer.

How to Root Android without Computer (APK ROOT without PC)
Kingo Root APK (Android version)

Root Your Device with Kingo Android Root (PC Version)

Advantage: The success rate of PC version is higher than apk version.
How to root your Android device with Kingo Android Root?

Kingo Android Root (PC Version)

Reasons that Root Failed with Kingo
There is no available exploit for your device.

Android version above 5.1 is not supported by Kingo for now.

Bootloader is locked by manufacturer. With a locked bootloader,

 there is nothing Kingo could do to root your device.


                 DOWNLOAD kingoRoot

How to Check Whether Your Android Phone Is Rooted Or Not?

After rooting your android device you need to check whether it is successfully rooted or not. 

For that you have to follow below given steps:

Download Root Checker app to know and verify the phone is rooted or not. m

RitZ is not at all responsible for mistakes happened in while rooting you device