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We Know Many of you were waiting for this Post about How to hack Facebook account using your android device.

This tutorial is easier and you will get almost 95% success if you and your victim are on same network.

I am writing this tutorial to make people aware so please make sure that you are not using this tutorial in any illegal way.

Note: This tutorial is just for educational purpose.

There’s a app Outhere Called Faceniff.

FACENIFF is basically an Android application that lets users sniff and intercept web session profiles over Wi-Fi networks,

stealing other users’
credentials through which you can attack your victim’s Facebook,

Twitter and much more accounts in a minute.

Note :- The Tutorial Only Works if you and your Victim are On Same WiFi Network

How Hackers Hack Facebook From Android:

Note :- The App Only Work On Rooted Android Devices ( How to Root )

     How Root Android Mobile

Follow The Given Steps Below :-

At First Download Faceniff from HERE.

           DOWNLOAD HERE

Connect to the working network connection and open the FaceNiff app.

Now click the red button and it will then turn green when the sniffer is on.

        It is like Firesheep for android devices.

Firesheep is a Firefox add-on that allowed unscrupulous users to do the same thing.

FaceNiff has a leg up on Firesheep though,

since the app runs on Android phones, doesn’t require any real customization to run,

and even supports WPA encrypted wireless networks,
           as long as you’re already on the network.

Press the enter button and It would show a list of all the accounts

        which are connected to the network and you could hi jack into that all accounts.

Click on the account which you wish to hack and you will automatically

logged in the account in which you wish you to.

   Now you can do whatever you want with the hacked account.

Tips to protect yourself against this App:

The fix for most people is to enable HTTPS for every service where it’s available.

You can protect your internet connection when you use public Wi-Fi at a coffee shop or airport with a VPN,

either to your office or school or a free service like Hotspot Shield or Hamachi.


you can just not connect to public wireless networks and tether to your phone

Or use your wireless carrier’s connectivity options instead.


So above is the method to hack facebook,

          twitter or any account and also discuss how to protect yourself against these attacks.

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