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How Root Mobile

How to Root Any Android Device Easily

If you are an Android lover, you would know the importance of Android rooting

(or gaining root privileges in your Android device)

as it will help you to improve your device performance,


If you are New to Android rooting and don’t know how to root your Android device.

In This Trickhacked We will tell you How to Root Any Android.

the Following Trickhacked We will tell you How to Root Any Android Divice Easily ?

By these Following methods you will be able to Root Any Android Device.

In this Article we Will tell You two different Method to Root.

First with Android App and second is Using Computer And Laptop.

WARNING: Rooting your Android smartphone or tablet using KingRoot app will void its warranty and you won’t be able to claim it back until you unroot your device.

Methods to Root your Android easily :-

Below are the Two different methods to root android. 

Follow the Methods and steps carefully otherwise you android Can be died anytime at the process.

#Root Any Android Phone Using KingRoot Application

1) Before getting started with the rooting Trickhacked,

make sure that your device has atleast 50-60% battery backup in it.


ensure that you have uninstalled or disabled antivirus applications in

your Android device as they sometimes distract the rooting procedure.

2) Next, enable Installation of apps from Unknown sources in your device by following this path:

Settings -> Security -> Device Administration -> Unknown Sources.

3) Now, download KingRoot app to your Android device.

       Download kiNgRoot

While doing so,

you might get some warning message.

Just ignore it and download the kingroot.

apk file to your device.

4) Once download,

click on Kingroot.

apk to install the application in your Android smartphone or tablet.

5) Once KingRoot is installed in your device, open up the application.

Now, you will see the message “Root access is unavailable“.

Just click on “Try to Root” blue button in the same screen to begin the rooting procedure.

6) During the rooting process,

you will see a circle progress bar in your smartphone or tablet.

7) Once the rooting process is over, your Android device will be successfully rooted.

You will also get the message “Root Successfully” in the KingRoot app.

8) To finish the rooting procedure, just restart your device.

That’s it.

Now you have successfully finished rooting your Android device using KingRoot android application.

For confirmation,

use the Root Chack App from Google Play store to check the root privileges of your smartphone.

You can also full Root Video by King Root

            Click Here see Video


#Root Android Using Computer Or Laptop :-

1) Download and install Kingo Android Root.

     Download KingoRoot

2) Enable USB debugging mode on your phone.

By clicking Seven times on Settings>About>Build number.

3) Run Android Root on your PC, then connect your phone via its USB sync cable.

our device screen may show an "Allow USB debugging?"


Tick "Always allow from this computer," then tap OK.

4)Click Root,

then sit back and wait while the utility does its thing.

The aforementioned Nexus 7 took all of about two minutes,

including the automated reboot at the end.

And that's all there is to it.

If you decide you want to reverse the process,

just run Android Root again,

connect your phone,

then click Remove Root.

So Above are the Two different Methods to root you android device easily.

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