Monday, May 02, 2016

how create phishing page

How to make Wapka phishing site for Facebook hacking
→ Delete all the elements of your Site before pasting the HTML codes.
→ When someone will login on your Site. His Email & Password will be sent to your mail with whom you registered on WAPKA
Steps to Create Wapka Facebook Phishing 2016
1. Open
2. Login with your Wapka account on or create a new one.
3. Now scroll down and open your Site
( or create a new one & then click manage it )
4. Now Click on Admin Mode
5. Click on
option at the bottom right side of your page.
See image shown below.
6. Then Click on WML/XHTML code option.
7. Copy All the HTML Codes Given below
Click here for getting codes


8. Paste all these codes in the wml/xhtml box.
Then Click Submit button.
→ Now your done with the Wapka Facebook Phishing Tutorial.
Your Site will look like this.

send this site your friends and say for login Facebook
Password  you will got  by an email
Thanks for visit my site

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