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Hack Facebook account with Keylogging(keylogger)

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post Facebook hacking by phishing
Keylogging – Capture Facebook Passwords

Keylogging(keylogger) is the simplest and the most effective way of hacking Facebook passwords.

You need not be an expert to use it. Anyone with basic knowledge of computer can install and use it with ease.

This method yields the best out come when you have physical access to your victims PC.

Basically keyloggers are used to capture the keyboard strokes entered by any person,

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for example many offices use them to monitor their employees.

So the fact that, it can capture keyboard stokes,

it can also capture or record usernames and passwords entered by a person.

Rather keyloggers are more used as a hacking tool than using it for Monitoring purpose.

Keyloggers are of two types, hardware and software.

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1. Software Keylogger

Software keylogger is a program thatrecords each & every keystroke that a user types on his keyboard.

Once you install this program on the target computer,
it will automatically load from the start-up and start capturing every keystroke typed on that computer including usernames and passwords.

A keylogger software runs in a complete stealth mode and thus remains undetected.

In order to use keylogger software,
you don’t need to have any special knowledge of hacking.

Anyone with abasic knowledge of computer,
will beable to install and use this software with ease.Trickhacked

I recommend the following software keyloggers as thebest for your monitoring needs.

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        2. Hardware Keylogger

Just like Software Keyloggers

Hardware keyloggers also captures keyboard keystrokes but requires Physical access to victims PC.

A Hardware keylogger is a small hardware just like USB pen-drive with internal memory.

These are available in 2 types:
PS2 and USB.Trickhacked

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keyloggers PS2 keylogger is plugged inline between a computer keyboard and a computer.

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They log all keyboard activity to their internal memory.

Where as USB keylogger is just a USB
Stick that can capture everything a user does on the System

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