Friday, May 27, 2016

Facebook Status/Comment/Message Code

Copy These Below Codes to Write Colourful Status/Comment/Message in Facebook.
Example -
For Red Colour Status/Message,
Copy Red Colour Code From Below and Paste it
Like This in Status/Message.
Replace TEXT With Your Desired Message or Status. :)
CODE : <fg=b0ff0000>Ritz(काव्यA)
RESULT: Ritz (काव्यA) 
All Colour Codes
<fg=b00b22222>Fire Brick
<fg=b07cfc00>Lawn Green
<fg=b0191970>Midmight Blue
<fg=b02f8b57>Sea Green
<fg=b000ff7f>Spring Green
<fg=b04682b4>Steel Blue
<fg=b09acd32>Yellow Green
Copy and past any  Codes
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