Friday, May 27, 2016

Facebook Magic Codes

Facebook Magic Codes Collection

Author :Ritz kharol

Hello Friends. :)

Ritz (काव्यA) Has Brought You The Facebook evergreen Magic Code Trick.

What are Magic Codes ? :

Magic Codes are Short Codes,

by Using which We Can Post Animated Gifs or Pics in Facebook Just By Pasting a Code. :)

        How to Use These Codes ? :

Simply Copy The Codes From Below and Paste When you Want to See Them in Action. :)

Before Pasting, Remove The @ From The Code. :)

I Miss U          @[1595119770723030:]

Gud Night Sweet Dreams.     @[773024712824676:]

Beautiful @[1667841016798342:]

Loading .. Please Wait. I Love You   @[199109740445725:]

Good Day.   @[800401880028745:]

Loading      @[1497364227213226:]

I Love Music. @[124860570881254:]

Happy Birthday.   @[1496334900627680:]

Good Night     @[201452580230937:]


Heart       @[294391620673481:]

TCHLCHll.          @[381961268557670:]


Comment Hide   @[0000:]

More Codes Coming Soon ... :)

Thanks for Visit TRICKHACKED

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