Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Song Name Facebook account

HI frendz

     My manny visitor are daily asking
     How create LONG NAME & SONG NAME.
     Today i write full method of LONG & SONG NAME

it's very simple trick so just flow it step by step

After is you can Download two App

i don't know other method of LONG NAME

just i try method of LONG NAME

    I write this post

    Recommend of Trickhacked Phisphon VPN
You can download phisphon here
      Download phisphon

After Download you need Google Japanese input keyboard.

   You can search both App in play store
I give you both play store direct link
So you can download

After both App Download
   You Open Phisphon and select  Japan country

after connect your mobile with Japan proxy showing a key in your your 

Now open your  Uc browser/mini

   Note●◆●   today  i repeat always use UC browser/mini

open your Facebook in UC BROWSER/MINI

Go to Facebook setting-general

You can see your All details
  Click on Name edit

Delete your All Name

◆○◆    How unlock pattern lock

Open typing

   Note●◆● you always use first word of Japanese

Select keyboard Google Japanese input in you typing
      Type your CAPITAL NAME

Note◆●◆  Don't give Normal space in Name because Facebook not acpt Normal space in CAPITAL NAME
And this font mark in picture

Must see picture
A special font of CAPITAL NAME
OPEN your
Clik on your Google Japanese input
    For typing Numerical
  And select this font for always give space
  This font give you Chance for LONGEST NAME

●◆●   Latest whatsapp plus

   See picture
After typing you  

Click on review.

Enter your Facebook password and Done your SONG/LONG Name

Thanks for visit in Trickhacked

◇●◇  you can also Create single Name without any proxy VPN

Any problem you in change Name
comment in comment box

You can contact me on whatsapp

And you contact me on Facebook group

Just visit daily for new trick by Trickhacked

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