Saturday, April 23, 2016

Single Name Facebook

Facebook single Name account
  Facebook is most popular  in world
    I sharing today most use full trick
     How create Facebook single Name without any proxy

              Just simple method

           Flow step by step

Go to Facebook official site

    You can also change your Long  Name in Single Name.

   I give direct link to go Name change

              Change my Name

You can try in UC_browser/Mini
Because best browser for Facebook
Change Language Facebook page
   In Tamil 

   then change your language in Tamil

              Click Browser back

         Enter your single Name
      Keep blank Middle Name and  Last Name.
             Click:- Review Change
Enter your password in blank box
Click :- Done
      Now Done your Name change 
      Go your profile see

     ●◆● Same method you use New account create
       Flow this link create New account

      Change your language in Tamil
       Now Click in your Browser back button
         Note:-  Use Uc browser/ Mini

        Enter your Single Name in first Name
Blank last Name

          Enter your Email/Number-
      DOB- Password.   

        Click:- Done

So your single Name account ready
    Verification code enter and enjoy
      Any problem in create account
Comment in comment box

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