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LOve Story

This  love story  writing by Sameer

When I (Sameer) was in 1st year of my Btech CSE.

I used to think that I came in the university just for studies..

“Par mujhe kya pata tha ki pyar ho jaye ga”

One of my subject was History and cultural of Punjab. Students from BCA and Btech opted this subject.

Even on the first day of class I saw a girl of BCA first year. She was very beautiful. One week passed away and I don’t even know the name of that girl. One day she seat in the same row where I was sitting. When the attendance sheet came to her.

“Mere dimag mein idea aaya”

Aur jab attendance sheet mere pass aayi aur meine nichay se 6 students ginay and 7th name was her “Neha Sharma”.

That day I was very happy I can’t even explain.

After the university I went home, open my facebook id and search for her, I sent her friend request. After  three days she accepted my request.

“Aap ko sach baat kahu toh mujhe nahi lagta tha ki wo meri friend request accept karegi”

One day she was online on fb and I sent her message.

Sameer: hi!!!

“after around 15 mints she replied ”

Neha: hi

Sameer: Kaisay ho aap

Neha: fine and u

Sameer: fine

“mujhe toh baat hi nahi sujh rahi thi ki kya kahu”

Sameer: kya aap mujhse dosti karogai

Neha: hum frnds hi toh hai tabhi toh aap meri frnd list mein ho.

Sameer: I mean ki kya mein aap ko university mein bula sakta hu. I mean face to face baat kar saktay hai?

Neha: hanji , but if you find me alone.

Sameer: par aap toh hamesha 3 or 4 frnds k sath hotay ho

Neha: aap mujhe us din bula lena jab mujhe akelay dekh lo.

Sameer: ok chalo….. bye……. I have to go for dinner….. bye take care

Neha: bye tc gud night

Mujhe around two weeks ho gaye university jatay huay but whenever I saw her she was with her friends.

Ek din neha department ki taraf aa rahi thi and I was standing near the dept. office.

“jaisay hi wo aayi

Sameer: hi, neha

Neha: hi

Sameer: kya hum do min baat kar saktay hai.

Neha: hanji daso

“mujhe toh koi baat hi nahi sooj rahi thi ki kya kahu”

Sameer: padai kaisi chal rahi hai.

Neha: achi chal rahi hai aur aap ki?

Sameer: thik hai…… waisay aap kaha se belong kartay ho?

Neha: surat

Sameer: phir yaha par hostel mein rehtay ho ya PG?

Neha: mein apne dada aur dadi k yaha rehti hu.

Sameer: ok

“es k baad bhi mujhe nahi aa raha tha ki mein usse aur kya puchu”

“1 min mein usay dekhta raha bina palak jhapkaye”

Neha: hanji kya hua?

Sameer: kuch nahi

Neha: ok bye meri class hai abhi


“Us din k baad hum kai baar milay”

Around 2 months k baad meine socha ki neha ko propose kar du. Par himat nahi ho rahi thi.

Mere yaar doston ne mujhe kafi motivate kiya. Keh dai aaj yaar……. Kahi koi aur na usay keh daye tujhse pehlay……bhai aaj propose kar hi de bhabhi ko…..koi baat nahi dekha jaye ga yaar keh de aaj.

Us din wo apni frnd k sath thi aur dept. se bahar aa rahi thi mein usay kaha excuse me neha, kya mein aap se 5 min baat kar sakta hu. Usnay kaha hanji bolo.

Sameer: kahi baith kar baat kartay hai.

Hum dono parking mein hi bath gaye.

Sameer: aap se kuch kehna hai mujhe.

“neha smile kar rahi thi mujhe pata tha ki wo samaj gayi hai ki mein kya kehna chahta hu”

Neha: hanji bolo

Sameer: I like you neha, I really love you.

Neha: mein aap ko kabhi us najar se nahi dekha. Mein aap ki feelings ki respect karti hu but sorry I can’t. mein relationships k chakar mein nahi panda chahti.

Sameer: mein aap se bagut pyar karta hu. Aap ko bahut kush rakhu ga.

Neha: sorry sameer g. I really sorry.

Yeh keh kar wo jaanay lagi.

Sameer: neha meri baat suno plz.

Neha: hanji

Sameer: plz kabhi bhi aap jab meri taraf dekho toh muh mat fer lena. Bas ek baar smile kar dena. Mein etnay mein hi kush hu.

“agar aap kush ho toh mein bhi kush hu”.

By saying this we both left.

One day one of my friend saw neha with someone else and he called me and said that she was with someone. Next day when I went to university.

Sameer: neha I want to talk to you.

Neha: hanji

Sameer: are you committed?

After some time she replied yes I m.

Neha: sorry. But meine aap ko koi hope mein bhi toh nahi rakha tha.

Sameer: ok. Es mein aap ki koi galti nahi hai galti toh meri hai ki mein aap se pyar kar baitha.

“Phir mein janay laga aur mud kar kaha : agar wo ladka aap ko kabhi dokha bhi de de toh ek baar keh dena. I will accept you even then becoz I really love you.

Neha: I m really sorry yaar. I m really really sorry.

Sameer: no need to say sorry. Galti aap ki nahi hai. Agar aap se 20 log pyar kartay hai, eska matlab yeh toh nahi hai na ki aap sab ko yes kar do gai. Mein bhi un mein se hi ek hu jo aap ko pyar karta hai, aur kabhi ab kisi aur ko nahi kar sakta.

Sameer: bye. Bhagwan aap k face pe hamesha smile banaye rakhay.

Neha: thanx sameer. Hum hamesha friends rahey gaye.

This is my last conversation with her. Now every day we meet in university she just pass smile to me and me too. But we never talk.

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